The project goal is to design MyAdsArt as a work somewhere between art and publicity.

This work will have as interest to create a snapshot of our consumption society without being a critic nor an apology.

The aim for everyone visiting this site is to consult a picture of nowadays sales forces through a work and to take advantage by visiting the brands' websites.

The involvement of each individual or contributor will permit building this work in perpetual motion. A kind of persistent ephemeral.

Contributors can use this way to show them but also to signify their existence in the decor of our society.

Taking part in MyAdsArt is put into consciousness the role of the individual within his space.

Due to its fonctionnalities MyAdsArt may be for you:

I propose therefore to appreciate its evolution in the following days, months, years...

The only thing we can say is that MyAdsArt will not let you indifferent!

Sebastian Jover
MyAdsArt Webmaster